BES has considerable experience in the recruitment of professionals; having gained a strong and positive reputation for providing an excellent executive recruitment service in Jersey. A structured approach is utilised which seeks to ensure that BES fully understands the skills and knowledge requirements of any specific position. We always welcome the opportunity to meet with a client face to face prior to working on any senior assignment. This understanding then forms the basis for advertising the position, screening applications, conducting interviews and recommending a short list of suitable candidates. A personal and professional 1:1 service which focuses on your exact requirements is always provided and we will only submit a small number of high-quality CVs for a specific role whilst maintaining an effective dialogue with you throughout the whole process. Our candidates will always be made fully aware of your vacancy before we submit their CV to the client organisation for consideration and will have met basic KYC requirements.

We provide a comprehensive range of different recruitment approaches. Please contact BES and we will be happy to discuss the standard commission based terms of business as well as alternative highly competitive options.

Existing client organisations include:

Jersey Water