Executive Coaching

Jersey Executive CoachingAndrew Baudains provides the Executive Coaching Service. He undertook a training programme to become a Coach at the International Ashridge Management Business School in the UK. Andrew has also undergone intensive TTI – Success Insights and a Myers Briggs  (MBTI) training courses and following assessment he is a certified practitioner and able to use both products.

Andrew is also able to use the The TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument). This is fast and accessible tool which gives insight, empowerment and resolution to anyone involved in conflict. This has been used in both 1:1 and group situations and has enabled the conflict to be defused with a positive outcome.

Experience demonstrates that working with people on a 1:1 basis provides directional support to achieve a change in behaviour and this often leads to an improvement in both personal and business performance. By achieving such an improvement this will result in a positive impact on the bottom line.

Andrew has extensive relevant experience and has worked with a number of clients across the UK and the Channel Islands, supporting them through various business changes. The approach adopted focuses on the business strategy and where the Coachee fits into the strategy. A detailed action plan is developed as part of this bespoke and intensive intervention and the Coach supports, monitors and challenges the Coachee’s performance. Various tools may also be used to emphasise the behavioural changes required in order that the Coachee fully achieves their goals and also addresses any relevant behavioural issues.

For more information contact Andrew for a confidential discussion on Tel. (01534) 486986.

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